Bill_Nye's admin application

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Bill_Nye's admin application

Post  Science guy on Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:56 am

[In-Game Name?]:Bill_Nye
[IRL Age?]:28
[Server Stats?]:18 and increasing

[Been Admin Before?,Where?]: I was a great admin on 3 great servers which were area 51 server, son of mini missions, and the sumo server before they even closed down because the owner did not have enough money to keep the server in the hosted tab and nobody donated. I had sooo many great admin friends when I was an admin back in the days, we use to do lots of fun stuff together, keep the server away from rule breakers and hackers, and keep the server safe and fair for other players. I had always had a fun experience in becoming an admin not only you can hang out with friends but you can also keep the server safe from rule breakers and hackers. I was always a very great admin on these servers and that is why I decided on applying on becoming an admin on this server.

[Why Do You Want To Be Admin On SAA?]: the reason why I want to become an admin is to help out people if they need help, be nice to other players in the server, keep the server away from rule breakers and hackers, and also make the server safe so that players can have a fun time.

[What Will You Bring To The Server?]: the best things that people would enjoy and like and have, keeping the server running nice and smoothly, have fun, my previous experiences in becoming an admin, be nice to other players, and most of all having fun flying from place to place with friends.

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