[ACCEPTED]Admin Request Marty_Alex

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[ACCEPTED]Admin Request Marty_Alex

Post  [SAA]Marty on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:38 pm

[In-Game Name?]: Marty_Alex
[IRL Age?]:17
[Server Stats?]:
[Been Admin Before?,Where?]:Yes United stats role play,Awesome stunts, LA Airline, Vortex RP, LS Cops and Robbers, National Roleplay, Relaxed RP, Roleplay4all,Real Life RPG,
[Why Do You Want To Be Admin On SAA?]: Well you may know this server doesn't have many admins and when there is a problem i cant do anything and players have problem with hackers dmers and others. This is why i apply for admin not to show off or abuse my powers i have experience. Yes i will also BAN,KICK,WARN hackers but also help players who are new. Example i see players coming in and i try to help but i really couldn't because other players are ignoring or spamming etc.The other problem is the ARMY kept shooting planes even my hunter i told them to stop and they didn't. This got me thinking to apply for admin to bring a safer and play fun server Smile
[What Will You Bring To The Server?]: i will bring peace. I will try to bring ideas and bring the server to the top with my experience. I hope to work well with the team and respect the server and NOT show off with the powers. I will make the server even more fun with my cool ideas for players and team. I hope to achieve my goals for team and players.

Note: My score in game is 700 This score may change due to playing Razz
Thank you for taking the time to read Very Happy

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Re: [ACCEPTED]Admin Request Marty_Alex

Post  [SAA]Tactical_ on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:49 am


30th December 2010

On-Trial Under Name: [SAA]Marty Or [SAA]Alex (Choose one)*

Go In-Game With Your New Admin Name & Tag While [SAA]Tactical_ Is Online For Level Promotion And Score/Money Reseting!

NOTE: Make Sure You Write Down Your Score And Money And Tell Me So I Can Reset Your Stats!

Good Luck!

*PS: The reason i shortened your name is due to it being so long,Just makes it easier for everyone

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