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[Application] Admin Application - Marcus_Albus

Post  Marcus_Albus on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:44 am

[In-Game Name?]:Marcus_Albus

[IRL Age?]:18

[Server Stats?]: My Stats & Score AFTER THE RESET

[Been Admin Before?,Where?]:Yes, I've been an admin before on Virtual Life Beta. I have also worked on many other games not only GTA. I've worked on a few private servers owned by other people and worked on my own, one of which I am currently working on now (if you need proof of this just ask, I'd be more than happy to supply you with a website and the forums and be able to show you). Other than that I have not worked on any other GTA servers.

[Why Do You Want To Be Admin On SAA?]:My main reason is that I don't like to see when other players don't follow the rules, such as DMing. This is not a problem for experienced players, because they know how to stay away from DMers, but for newer players it can be a problem that ends up killing them, then they decide to logoff and not log back in, which is a very bad thing for the player count of the server, which is a top priority. Enforcing the rules is one of the main issues and I am able to do that even if it means punishing myself. Another reason is that I see new players logging in and not understanding how the missions work and when they ask for help everyone is too busy to help them out. So having someone there to help and guide new and old players in the right direction makes everything a lot easier.

[What Will You Bring To The Server?]:A little more guidance for new players and also a little enforcement for those who think that it is okay to break the rules and create their own rules. I am not one to abuse the powers I have and I am an honest person who knows that having powers means nothing if you don't know how to use them or control yourself in a difficult situation. I am a very professional person, but one who can have fun and engage with other players, but when I am on the job I am a very serious person and I believe I can handle this job. I strongly believe that this server has a lot of potential and I believe that with the right guidance and the right moderation it will succeed. Overall, I hope to bring happiness and direction for new players and provide players with a fun, hacker and rule-breaker free environment!

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