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Applying For Admin

Post  comontrade on Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:50 pm

[In-Game Name?]:comon
[IRL Age?]: 18
[Server Stats?]: well i think i had 500 + score idk i was in airforce
(btw i don't got a screenie cause server is down and all the stats are lost Sad )
[Been Admin Before?,Where?]:Yes, but never on a gta sa server
[Why Do You Want To Be Admin On SAA?]:Because I Like Administrating and because i don't see admins on that much anymore
[What Will You Bring To The Server?]: administration as in giveing out warnings to dm'ers and banning hackers and stuff like that

Edit:if i didn't have 500 score i would be willing to get it back again to prove to you Very Happy


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