[YTL]Hitman's admin application

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[YTL]Hitman's admin application

Post  Hitman on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:16 pm

[In-Game Name?]: [YTL]Hitman
[IRL Age?]: 16 (17 in september)
[Server Stats?]:

Stats are increasing Wink
[What Do You Think A Admin Is/Does?(100 Words Min!)]: Admin job is too keep order on the server, make players respect rules, ban hackers and help newbies. An admin must always be an example for all other players, he NEVER must abuse his powers ( freezing/kicking/teleporting/banning etc without a valid reason, or setting high score/cash to friends)
[Been Admin Before?,Where?]: Not on a serious server (I've been on my friends servers), but I have some experience with LuxAdmin (Admin Script that this server is using)
[Why Do You Want To Be Admin On SAA?]: I really like the server, I like to help newbies and I hate players who don't respect /rules or use hacks + There are a lot of europeans players, so an european admin is needed
[What Will You Bring To The Server: Order. I'll help others, and I'll keep the server clean from hackers (I almost got one today, but JunkBuster banned for him before I start taping video xD)

Thanks in advance
[YTL]Hitman Wink

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