How To play as Pilot

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How To play as Pilot

Post  [SAA]Bubban on Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:55 pm

Welcome to San Andreas Airlines. This How To covers the Pilot class. There are two types of pilots Cargo and Passenger. I'll cover the Cargo aspect first. You will need to be in one of these planes to do cargo mission.

Then taxi our aircraft to a loading point. They are at every airport except Verdant Meadows (Abandon Airport) I will only show you one to keep the post short.

After loading your aircraft go to the unload point in Verdant Meadows (Abandon Airport) and unload your aircraft. There is no outbound cargo at this unloading point. You must go to another airport to continue as cargo pilot.

Now on to the Passenger Pilot Mission. You will need one of these two airplanes or the Maverick helicopter (Maverick not in picture sorry)

After you pick your flying vehicle, taxi to the passenger loading point. All three airports have several loading point for different unloading airports.

After loading your passengers fly to the respected airport and unload your passengers. All airports have one unloading point.

This pretty much covers the Cargo/Passenger Pilots mission. Don't forget to announce your /takeoff or /land intentions. Thanks for flying San Andreas Airlines.

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