How To play as Airforce

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How To play as Airforce

Post  [SAA]Bubban on Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:15 pm

Welcome to San Andreas Airlines. This How To will cover the Airforce pilot mission. A 200 point requirement is needed. You first must login to the server with /login . The password box will appear. Enter your password then select Airforce class then spawn. To do Airforce missions you will need one of these.

You can start your mission at Area 69 or the Aircraft Carrier in SF. After picking your aircraft go to the Training flight start mission point. Pictured below is Area 69's spot

Then fly your mission to the respected end mission spot. Below is Area 69's spot.

Remember these are military aircraft and Killing or DMing people without their permission is against the rules. Don't forget to announce your intentions with /takeoff or /land. Thanks for flying San Andreas Airlines.

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